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Extract, which is part of colostrum breast milk – Collostrum, nucleotides
  • For the proper functioning of immunity in the period of viruses, physical and mental stress;
  • after operations for recovery;
  • for good body regeneration after exercise;
  • for athletes;
to improve immunity.
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For the proper functioning of immunity during the period of viruses, physical and mental stress, after operations for convalescence and for good regeneration of the body after stress.


  • Important for proper cell division.
  • Protection against aging of the body.
  • Increasing the defense capacity of the immune system.
  • Accelerates regeneration – physical and mental stress. Ideal for athletes, people with excessive physical load, for clients with a disorder of the immune system
  • Contains Betaglucan – fuel for immune cells.
  • Clinical trials.


They occur naturally in food and in breast milk, found in all living cells of the body. Nucleotides have been used in infant formula for years to promote organ growth. Ideal for athletes, the debilitated, children and active people.


  • Nucleotides support cell regeneration:
  • about cell proliferation
  • tissue restoration
  • Nucleotides help support the immune system by strengthening natural barriers and activating and stimulating the defense system.
  • Nucleotides strengthen the immune system in all immunity barriers:
  • innate immune response
  • adaptive immune response
  • Nucleotides improve the integrity of the intestinal barrier and improve protection against the penetration of pathogens.


A unique complex polysaccharide of natural origin that can support the body’s defense reactions and protect it against bacterial and parasitic diseases.


It can effectively protect against virtually any type of radiation. This is the case in today’s age of mobile phones, monitors, Wi-Fi networks, etc. , from which there is practically no escape, can appear as a miraculous salvation sent from God himself. It works not only preventively, but also in cases where radiation has already occurred.


Thanks to activated macrophages, it can remove cells damaged by radiation, restore damaged hematopoiesis and normalize the amount of immune cells in the bone marrow, thymus and spleen. Its use is therefore also very suitable as a prophylactic supplement in treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Here, it reduces the side effects of such treatment and speeds up recovery.


Research in China and Japan has shown a significant increase in the life expectancy of cancer patients with the combined administration of chemotherapy and beta-glucan.


Clinical trials.


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I am a woman who wants to please her man. I don't want to have wrinkles, my skin should be soft, my nails should be strong and my hair should be shiny and free of breakage and split ends. After a long search, I found Healie Premium Collagen with Keratin. After two weeks, I saw the first results - the hair became shiny, the nails became stronger, the skin became flexible. I like all flavors and make healthy cocktails from them.

I have a strict diet while exercising. I had liver problems. After taking the Liver Detox, the doctor informed me that my liver tests were fine. I recommend it to everyone