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Healie Eatless

  • Weight loss is achieved by limiting the appetite for food;
  • reduces calorie intake;
  • creates a feeling of satiety;
  • verified by clinical trials.
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Are you constantly eating from fridge too?

Is your sweet tooth much stronger than your own self-denial? And the worst thing is late at night? Preventing eternal bouts of hunger is difficult, but we will help you with it! Healie Eatless contains ingredients that help you curb hunger, burn fat and lose weight faster! You are just one step away from your dream figure.

Patented natural complex made from Carob

Carob contains a lot of proteins and sugars, a large supply of minerals and vitamins, of which calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin K, riboflavin and vitamin E stand out, as well as natural antioxidants, a high fiber content, thanks to which it supports digestion and lowers cholesterol levels in the organism.

A weight loss diet is implemented:

  1. Limits the appetite for food.
  2. Stimulates a slow but constant release of energy.
  3. Reduces caloric intake during meals.
  4. Creates a feeling of satiety for a longer period.
  5. Clinical trial.

Ideal to combine with FATLESS.

Dosage: take one capsule twice a day, about 30 minutes before meals.


I am an athlete - a hockey player. My cartilage was destroyed. The doctor gave me medicine. After three months I was examined and the doctor couldn't believe his eyes. According to him, it is impossible for my cartilage to heal. He had no medicine for it. When I told him that I used Healie collagen, everything became clear to him immediately. Since then I haven't had any problems and I play hockey as before.

I am a woman who wants to please her man. I don't want to have wrinkles, my skin should be soft, my nails should be strong and my hair should be shiny and free of breakage and split ends. After a long search, I found Healie Premium Collagen with Keratin. After two weeks, I saw the first results - the hair became shiny, the nails became stronger, the skin became flexible. I like all flavors and make healthy cocktails from them.

I have a strict diet while exercising. I had liver problems. After taking the Liver Detox, the doctor informed me that my liver tests were fine. I recommend it to everyone