Collagen Premium Quality with Keratin

Bio active marine French-Japanese collagen type I, II, III (up to 5000 mg in one dose). Contains:
  • Keratin;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamin C (1000mg);
  • Acerola;
  • Biotin;
  • vitamin E;
  • Selenium;
  • Zinc.
In one dose, you get the ideal mixture for your beauty and healthy body. Lemon natural flavor. 30 daily doses in a can without GMOs, sugar free, gluten free, Keto.
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Clinical trials

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Certified quality

  • A unique combination of ingredients to support the skin, hair, nails and the whole organism.
  • 3 types of flavors in a monthly dose: pineapple, lemon and sour cherry. Natural aroma (Germany).
  • Stevia sweetener (zero energy load).
  • Contains Acerola – a natural source of vitamin C, protects cells from oxidative stress, supports the immune system, improves iron absorption.
  • Source of minerals, trace elements.



It is essential for the structure and strength of the hair. During daily hair care by blow-drying, curling, ironing, the influence of sunlight, various hardeners and other hair straightening products, keratin falls out of the hair structure, which leads to brittleness and splitting of the ends of the hair. In order for your hair to be long-term strong and full of life, it is important to actively supplement the amount of keratin in your body.

Vitamin C 1000 mg

It is an essential part of oxidation-reduction processes. It provides electrons to enzymatic processes and neutralizes free radicals as an antioxidant, which is crucial for metabolic functions.

It helps the absorption of collagen. It acts against infections, external toxins, stress and diseases. It has a versatile stabilizing effect on metabolic functions.


  1. It keeps our skin fresh, supports its elasticity and healthy appearance;
  2. it has a significant effect on the quality of our hair – it gives it shine, slows down graying and hair loss, and limits the formation of dandruff;
  3. helps alleviate eczema and skin diseases even in small children;
  4. has a beneficial effect on kidney diseases;
  5. supports the activity of the gonads, which can affect fertility;
  6. helps to improve the quality of sleep;
  7. biotin works effectively in diabetes – it adjusts the blood sugar level and protects against diabetic nerve damage in the hands and feet;
  8. supports the absorption of fats, which helps in reducing body weight.

In addition, biotin contributes to proper metabolism, which is important for energy production.


Vitamin E

  • effective antioxidant
  • supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system
  • contributes to the normal functioning of the liver
  • the contribution of san and the good condition of the female organs
  • improves skin condition
  • supports brain activity



Indispensable against brittleness of hair and nails, ensures saturation (density) and strength of hair.


It is an indispensable element for the production of testosterone, which ensures vitality and an active way of life for men.


Hyaluronic acid

High dose for skin health. We used an anti-aging formula. Hyaluronic acid binds fluids in the body. It is suitable for skin hydration, improves lubrication of joints, improves movement. The combination of biotin and zinc contributes to maintaining healthy hair, nails and skin.

Other properties of Healie Collagen Premium Quality

  • Great source of antioxidants.
  • Full of vitamins and minerals = 14 trace elements.
  • Clinical trials.
  • Bio active.
  • 5000 mg of collagen peptides (effectiveness supported by a clinical trial).

No GMO, no sugar, Keto.


I am an athlete - a hockey player. My cartilage was destroyed. The doctor gave me medicine. After three months I was examined and the doctor couldn't believe his eyes. According to him, it is impossible for my cartilage to heal. He had no medicine for it. When I told him that I used Healie collagen, everything became clear to him immediately. Since then I haven't had any problems and I play hockey as before.

I am a woman who wants to please her man. I don't want to have wrinkles, my skin should be soft, my nails should be strong and my hair should be shiny and free of breakage and split ends. After a long search, I found Healie Premium Collagen with Keratin. After two weeks, I saw the first results - the hair became shiny, the nails became stronger, the skin became flexible. I like all flavors and make healthy cocktails from them.

I have a strict diet while exercising. I had liver problems. After taking the Liver Detox, the doctor informed me that my liver tests were fine. I recommend it to everyone